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Open Collaboration Visual Audio NFT from Twinny x Sabet

As an open collaboration intended for the public, Sabet a talented, and well known visual artist, has welcomed artist from all backgrounds to incorporate, Kiku, a character concepted from Sabet himself, into their works.

As a student, and fan of Sabet’s work, and progress within Web 3, from recent collaborations with Coinbase and The Chicago Bulls, to selling out an over 4000 NFT collection, Sabet has inspired me in more ways than one.

As a musician I instantly wanted to see what would happen if I decided to take a shot at it, in addition to being able to collaborate within someone with so much potential, and with thier consent. Thank you, Sabet, for giving the world this opportunity to work with you. I hope you enjoy!


Twinny Twin



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0.03 ETH

Contract Address: 0xbAf0

Token Standard: ERC721A

Blockchain: Ethereum